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Classic Motorcycle Emblems / Badges

Also see Decals

These emblems are new and made of cast chrome metal, but we don not supply the clips. I suggest they are best attached with double sided tape, silicone glue or e-clips or c-clips E-clips. The mounting pins are a little larger than the stock emblems from Kawasaki but are much stronger. These emblems add a nice bright smooth chrome look and won19t break like the original plastic emblems do. One emblem fits either side unless otherwise noted. Please allow at least 14 days for delivery, except where noted. Some emblems are currently on back order. Reserve yours today! These emblems are sold the same day they come in. One emblem fits either side unless otherwise noted. These emblems do not stay in stock very long. Reserve yours today! Emblems fit either side unless otherwise noted. Some emblems have an ETA of 18 days. We normally have KZ900 emblems in stock.

These badges are not bendable

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