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KZ900 logo: by clicking on it will bring you to the home page.

Customer Messages: are when emails fail or you may not have received our email. Coupons may also be found here to save you money.

Worldwide: most parts can be mailed overseas. Click this link for more information.

Find: a search box to find part names or OEM numbers. You may also search using a short phrase like; KZ900 VETTER BRACKET.

View Cart: by clicking on it, a new window or tab will appear and take you to your shopping cart (tip: double-click on the title bar to maximize this window). You may also use the shopping cart to drag & drop the text when purchasing directly using your credit card.

To add a part to the shopping cart, click on the price link or Add to Cart link.

Email: by clicking on it, it will open a new message using your email program, like Outlook or Eudora and you can email us your needs.

Links: by clicking on these links will bring you to some categories or chapters of parts available (not all parts are on our web site).

Alphabet: by clicking on these letters will take you to parts beginning with that letter or subject. Like; B for Brakes.

Misc: Miscellaneous links; by clicking on it will open a popup-menu. Select an option to see what is there.

Part-Finder: by clicking on it will take you to OEM parts for the 1976 Kawasaki KZ900 A4/A5 model and parts available in those chapters. Finding parts here may be confusing. Please see the illustrations to help find your parts or use the search engine (Find) above.

Classifieds: by clicking on it will take you to our classifieds section where you can buy or sell.

This icon or this one is where you may purchase directly with your credit card. You may also use the shopping cart to drag & drop the text when purchasing directly using your credit card.

The flag icons: are for customers who read/speak another language. This has been changed using the Bing Translator.

We accept credit cards either thru paypal (View Cart) or by direct ordering thru our secure site or by phone (by leaving a message or we'll call you back).  If you have a paypal account you can send payments from your checking or savings account. You can also send a money order (please read the second paragraph) by mail.

Search engines don't always work the way they should
If you cannot find a part by searching try clicking a letter above (click "V" for valve cover) or try clicking a catagory above (Engine). If you still can't find it, email us (upper RH corner). You can also click on the area of the KZ900 photo on our home page. Also check out our Books page for OEM part manuals, Vetter manuals and more.

Customer Support
Click this link for customer support or "customer messages" located at the top of every page. Contact us even if you don't have an email address or are on a remote computer.

Text is hard to read? From the Menu bar, select "View" then select "Text Zoom." A shortcut key for FireFox is "control -" or "control +" or "control 0" for normal zoom.

We are always eager to hear comments from you. Just send us an email if you have comments, questions, complaints or any other questions you may have. We update our web site daily and trying to make finding and ordering parts a "breeze" for our customers.

If you are having problems posting an ad, please email us.

If you have other questions please email the webmaster