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1976 Kawasaki KZ900B

1994 Harley FLHTCU

1996 Harley FXSTS

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Air Cleaner/Mufflers


Cam Chain/Tensioner



Chassis Electrical


Crankcase Bolt/Stud Pattern


Cylinder Head Cover


Engine Covers

Fenders/Seat Cover

Footrest/Stands/Brake Pedal


Front Brake

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Fuel Tank

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Kick Start Mechanism

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Owner Tools


Seat/Chain Cover

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Tail Light

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Turn Signals


Air / Fuel / Exhaust

Also see, Carburetors or Fuel Tank or Carburetor Settings

Air / Intake Price/Link Fits / Description
  Air Accelerator Pump
KZ1000 A3/A4 MKII, KZ1000 B3/B4 LTD, C2/C3/C4 Police, KZ1000 D3 Z1R, KZ1000 E1/E2 Shaft ST

Also see, Air/Exhaust for references, more parts & kits for the KZ900.

  Air Air Box (air cleaner body)
Air Cleaner Body for classic Kawasaki
Air Air Box Hoses (ducts), Set of 4
Kawasaki KZ900 KZ1000 (4 rubber air ducts that connect between the air box and carburetors). 14073-1022 14073-1023 (2), 14073-1024
KZ900, 77-81 KZ1000 A B C D1 D3 Z1R models. 11013-063
  Air AIR FILTER, STOCK 73-75 Z1 900 11013-034

Keihin Carburetor Parts

Mikuni 34mm BS34 Carburetors, Complete rack of used For 1981-83 KZ1000 J - R & KZ1100 A B D  models. Taken from a running 1981 KZ1000.

See Carbs

zoomMikuni VM26SS Carburetors, Complete rack of used rebuilt Used set of 26mm Mikuni OEM carbs from a running KZ900 LTD. See photos for details. These are stock carburetors for 76-77 KZ900 A4, A5 & B1 models. Also see, Photo2. Will fit these models without any modifications, 73-78 Kawasaki Z1, KZ900 & KZ1000 models.

See Carbs

zoomMikuni VM28 Carburetors, Complete rack of used or rebuilt from a running 1975 Kawasaki Z1 B. Will fit these models without any modifications, 73-78 Kawasaki Z1ki Z1, KZ900 & KZ1000 models. Also see, Photo2 & Photo3.

See Carbs

Also see, Mikuni VM Carburetor Settings for Z1 & KZ

Carburetor Parts / Kits continued ...

Carburetor, Float Bowl Gasket (Mikuni) see Carbs REF# 50 76-77 KZ900 A4/A5, 76-77 KZ900B1 LTD, 77-78 KZ1000 A1/A2, 77-78 KZ1000 B1/B2 LTD, 1978 KZ1000 C1/C1A POLICE, 1980 KZ1000 D1, Z1R. 16019-030 11009-1563
Carburetor, Float Bowl Gasket (Mikuni) see Carb Rebuild Kits 73 - 75 Z1 & Z1 models with frame #32818 & UP (2 Gaskets). 16019-019 & 16019-025
Carburetor Holder Clamps see Air Kawasaki Z1 KZ900 KZ1000. For 26mm - 29mm carburetors. 92037-077
Carburetor Holders with Vacuum Plugs (4) for 26-29mm carbs see Cylinder Head 73-75 Z1/Z1A/Z1B 900, 76 KZ900A4, 76 KZ900B1 LTD, 77-78 KZ1000A1/A2, 79-80 KZ1000A3/A4 MKII, 77-80 KZ1000B1/B2/B3/B4 LTD, 78-81 KZ1000C1/C1A/C2/C3/C4 POLICE, 79-80 KZ1000E1/E2 SHAFT, 78 KZ1000D1 Z1R, 80 KZ1000D3 Z1R. For 26, 28 & 29mm carburetors. 16065-028 16065-029
Carburetor Holders with vacuum plugs, for 34mm Mikuni carburetors see Cylinder Head KZ1000  
Carburetor Holder (4) Vacuum plugs see Cylinder Head Kawasaki Z1 KZ900 KZ1000. See above for carburetor holders (manifold). Four vacuum plugs. 92068-006 11012-1242
Carburetor (Mikuni) Parts See Carbs See Carbs  
Carburetor Rebuild Kit (Mikuni), Complete See Carbs For Mikuni Carburetor Rebuild Kits for Kawasaki  
Fuel Tank Band, Rubber see Fuel Tank Z1 KZ900 KZ1000. Replace that rubber band or twine you have holding down your gas tank. Fuel tank hold down / gas tank strap. Also fits the following bikes. 92072-042
Fuel Petcock see Fuel Tank Gas valve, fuel tap  
Fuel Tank see Fuel Tank    
Gas Cap, Chrome
see Fuel Tank 69-75 H1, 72-75 H2, 77-80 KZ1000-A B G1, 76-77 KZ900, 73-75 Z1. 51048-012
Gas Cap Gasket see Fuel Tank GASKET, CAP fits these Kawasaki models: H1 H2 KZ200A KH250 KH400 KH500 77-78 KZ1000, 79-80 KZ1000-B3 B4, KZ200A, KZ400-A D S, KZ650-B C F KZ750-B G, KZ900, S1 S2 S3, Z1-A B 51059-008
Gas Petcock, Dual outlet see Fuel Tank fuel petcock Fuel petcock or Kawasaki 73-81 Z1, KZ900, KZ1000. Replaces 51023-055
Gas/Fuel Petcock, Kawasaki Fuel Tank Kawasaki dual outlet fuel petcock. Also see above for a replacement fuel tap or see Fuel Tank for new and used. 51023-043
Gas Petcock Repair Kit Fuel Tank Fuel Petcock Repair Kit for petcocks shown below ... zoom fuel petcock  











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