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1976-77 Kawasaki KZ900 A4 / A5

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See parts list below
Ref OEM Part Name Req Price
1 92001-113 Bolt, Spark Advancer 1 ...
2 92022-244 Washer, Spark Advancer 1 ...
3 21135-011 Breaker, Contact Plate Assembly 1 $64.99
4 220B0408 Screw Pan Head 4x8 9
5 461F0400 Washer Spring 4mm 9
6 410B0400 Washer Plain 4mm 9
7 21008-028 Breaker, Contact No. 2 & 3
see Ignition Contact Breaker Points & Condenser Kit below
1 ...
8 21156-010 Plate, Contact Breaker 2 $29.99
9 21019-005 Felt, Oil 1 ...
10 21008-027 Breaker, Contact No. 1 & 4
see Ignition Contact Breaker Points & Condenser Kit below
11 21013-035 Condenser see Ignition Contact Breaker Points & Condenser Kit below 1  
12 21029-037 Wiring Harness, Breaker 1 ...
13 21021-004 Plate, Contact Breaker 1 Kits
14 551A0408 Pin, Dowel, 4x8 1 ...
15 21148-010 Advancer, Spark 1  
16 21126-008 Clamp, Wiring Harness 8 ...
17 220B0512 Screw Pan Head 5x12 3 Hardware
18 461F0500 Washer Spring 5mm 3 Hardware
19 411B0500 Washer Plain 5mm (superceed: 410B0500) 3 Hardware
20 21121-1003 Ignition Coil 1 Kits
21 21171-1019 Coil, Ignition(w/cap) includes Plug Caps 1 DYNA
21 21121-1004 Coil, Ignition, #2 & 3 1 ...
21 21171-1019 Coil, Ignition(w/cap) includes Plug Caps 1 ...
22 21131-005 Grommet, High Tension 4 ...
23 21160-1014 Cap, Spark Plug 2 Kits
24 21130-019 Cap, Spark Plug 2 Kits
25 21131-006 Grommet, Plug Cap 4 ...
26 27010-1023 Switch Assy, Magnetic 1 Kits
27 21066-025 Regulator 1 Electrical
28 99996-1159 SET,RECTIFIER 1 Kits
28-1 99996-1159 Set, Rectifier 1 Kits
29 92017-014 Nut, Lock 6mm 4 Hardware
30 92022-125 Washer 6.5x20x1.6t 2
31 461F0600 Washer Spring 6mm 3 Hardware
32 112G0616 Bolt-Upset, 6x16 2  
33 112B0614 Bolt-Upset 6x14 (supersede: 112G0614) 2  
34 410B0600 Washer Plain 6mm 3 Hardware
35 311B0600 Nut 6mm 2 Hardware
36 B8ES Spark Plug B8ES 4 see your local auto parts store


Kits Req




DYNA Ignition Coils 1973-80 Kawasaki Z1 KZ900 KZ1000 and other 4 cylinder models. For other vintage motorcycles that use either points or electronic ignition of 1.5 to 3 Ohms, for more info see DYNA coils or More info.  Also recommended for DYNA S ignition and racing.  Comes with everything shown in photo.

1 $169.99
set as shown

Dyna-S Electronic Ignition DS1-1
Honda CB350 CB400 fours
 DS1-1 $159.99 Add to Cart


DYNA S Electronic Ignition 1973-80 Kawasaki Z1 KZ900  KZ1000 Replaces the stock contact breaker points, condenser and plate. No more replacing or adjusting points at every tune up. Just install and set the timing. This ignition system requires 3 ohm ignition coils. This system does not use or require an ignitor. Includes 1 year factory warranty. The DYNA S is a complete self-contained electronic ignition system built with the latest state-of-the-art engineering. This is the same ignition used by top racers over the past 2 decades. The Dyna S is completely housed behind the ignition cover and uses a magnetic rotor with the original spark advancer, so the factory advance curve is maintained. See a quick animated installation guide. See Electrical for more info/photos. Please include your engine serial number in the comments section on checkout. This insures you receive the right parts since the rotor is different from the early to late models in 1974 for Z1 models. Click here for rotor & advance unit photos.



DYNA Ignition Wires Kit, 7mm copper core (black). Spark Plug Wires Set comes with rubber spark plug caps connected.

1 $28.99
Ignition Contact Breaker Points & Condenser Kit (ignition kit) Includes: Left & right contact breaker points & twin condensers. This kit also

Ignition Kit fits these 1973-80 Kawasaki models:
Kawasaki Z1
Kawasaki KZ900
Kawasaki KZ1000 A1, A2
Kawasaki B1, B2, B3
Kawasaki C1, C1A, C3, C4.

1 $27.99
Ignition Switch, see Ignition Switch
27, 28
Replaces OEM:
21066-025, 99996-1159, 21061-024.

Fits: Kawasaki:
1976-77 KZ900
1977-78 KZ1000

Rectifier/Regulator Combination Unit
Bolt-on replacement for the stock regulator & rectifier (replaces both regulator and rectifier into one unit). Solves the problem of overcharging batteries. Simple to install - NO CUTTING OR SPLICING OF WIRES. Installation instructions: Remove the existing regulator & rectifier taking care with the bullet connectors. Bolt this new unit in the place of the old regulator (under the battery box). Plug the green connector into the electrical panel, connect the ground wire to the engine ground point (behind the kick starter), connect the wires normally going to the rectifier into the double female connector on this new unit and you are done. For troubleshooting questions, see our FAQ's. You will need slightly longer mounting bolts as the new unit is a little deeper.


1976-78 KZ900 KZ1000


Spark Plug Caps (NGK) 120 degree angle

Spark Plug Wires & Plug Caps
DYNA Ignition Wires - 7mm copper core (black) fits any motorcycle up to four cylinders. Z1 KZ900 KZ1000. Also see, Flashing Spark Plug Caps above. Installs easily by unscrewing the old plug wires from the coil and screwing in your new wires. Coil removal from bike is not necessary.

1 $28.99

Starter Relay replaces # 27010-1023
KZ400 KZ650 KZ900 KZ1000 up to 1980.

1 $59.99



not actual photo

Used Ignition  Plate, Contact Breaker Points, & Condenser
for 1973-80 Z1 KZ900 KZ1000. May not include wires as shown.
1 N/A

Used Kawasaki Spark Advancer Unit 21148-010
1973-80 Z1 KZ900 KZ1000 A1 - C4 models. Please send email with your engine serial number before ordering this part. Only if you have a 1973-74 Z1E engine since the rotor design is different on the early Z1 models.

1 N/A