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Classic SUZUKI Emblems

Also see Gas Tank Emblems below & decals

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These emblems/badges are new and made of cast chrome metal, but we don't supply the clips. I suggest they are best attached with double sided tape, silicone glue or e-clips or c-clips E-clips. The mounting pins are a little larger than the stock emblems from Kawasaki but are much stronger. These emblems add a nice bright smooth chrome look and won't break like the original plastic emblems do. One emblem fits either side unless otherwise noted. Please allow at least 14 days for delivery, except where noted. Some emblems are currently on back order. Reserve yours today! These emblems are sold the same day they come in. One emblem fits either side unless otherwise noted. These emblems do not stay in stock very long. Reserve yours today! Emblems fit either side unless otherwise noted. Some emblems have an ETA of 14 days. We do have KZ900 emblems in stock. Some folks have asked why the colors look different, like the orange looks red and vice-versa. Your monitor may not be calibrated correctly to display true colors.

Price each unless noted

Suzuki Engine Emblem
SE01 Add to Cart $69.99

75-76 RE5 Rotary M, A


Suzuki RE5 Rotary Emblem
SS46 Add to Cart $69.99

RE5 Rotary
75-76 RE5 M, A


Suzuki GS1100 Emblem
SS28 Add to Cart $69.99
DOHV 16 Valves GS 1100
1980-83 GS1100 (US model)

Suzuki GSX 1100 emblem

Suzuki GSX1100 Emblem
SS17 Add to Cart $69.99
DOHC 16 Valves GSX 1100
1980-83 GSX 1100


Suzuki GS1000 DOHC Emblem
SS16 Add to Cart $69.99
GS 1000 DOHC
1978-80 GS1000 C/D


Suzuki GS1000 DOHC Emblem
SS16G Add to Cart $69.99

Gold/Black/Red, SS16G is the
Gold version, image not shown


Suzuki GS1000E Emblem
SS20 Add to Cart $69.99
GS 1000 DOHC E
1979-89 Suzuki GS1000E


Suzuki GS1000G Emblem
SS21 Add to Cart $69.99
1980-81 Suzuki GS1000 G/T/X


Suzuki GS850 Emblem
SS39 Add to Cart $69.99
1979 GS850 D/E


Suzuki GS850G Emblem
SS22 Add to Cart $69.99
1980-81 GS850 G


Suzuki GS850G Emblem
SS23 Add to Cart $69.99

1982-86 GS850 G


Suzuki GS750 Emblem
SS27 Add to Cart $69.99

1980-85 GSX750T


Suzuki GSX750 Emblem
SS44 Add to Cart $69.99

1981 GSX750X


Suzuki GSX750E Emblem
SS33 Add to Cart $69.99
1982 GSX750E


Suzuki GSX750E Emblem
SS35 Add to Cart $69.99
1979-82 GSX750E


Suzuki GS750 Emblem
SS15 Add to Cart $69.99
77-80 GS750 B/C/DC/EC


Suzuki GS750 Emblem
SS15G Add to Cart $69.99
78-79 GS750 C/D


Suzuki WATER COOLED 750 Emblem
Not currently available
1972 GT750 J


Suzuki GT750 Emblem
SS02 Add to Cart $69.99
for 73-77 Suzuki GT750 K-B


Suzuki GS650 GT Emblem
SS42 Add to Cart $69.99
1981-83 GS650GT


Suzuki GS550 Emblem
SS34 Add to Cart $69.99
1977 GS550 B


Suzuki GS550 Emblem
SS34G Add to Cart $69.99
78-79 Suzuki GS550 C, D


Suzuki GS550E Emblem
SS36 Add to Cart $69.99
79-80 Suzuki GS550 E


Suzuki GT550 Emblem
SS03 Add to Cart $69.99

1972-77 GT550 J-B


Suzuki GT500 Emblem
SS05 Add to Cart $69.99
for 1976-77 GT500 A/B


Suzuki 500 Emblem
SS08 Add to Cart $69.99
for 1969 T500 Mkii


Suzuki 500 Emblem
SS09 Add to Cart $69.99

for 1970 T500 Mkiii


Suzuki 500 Emblem
SS10 Add to Cart $69.99

for 1971-72 T500 R/J


Suzuki 500 Emblem
Not currently available
for 1973-74 T500 K/L


Suzuki 500 Emblem
SS12 Add to Cart $69.99

for 1975 T500 M


Suzuki 500 Emblem
SS31 Add to Cart $69.99

for 1967-68 T500 Mk. 1 (Cobra)


Suzuki TS400 Emblem
SS40 Add to Cart $69.99

for 1971-72 TS400 R/J


Suzuki GT380 Emblem
SS04 Add to Cart $69.99

for 1972-77 GT380 J-B


Suzuki 350 Emblem
SS30 Add to Cart $69.99

for 1969 T350 Mk. 1


Suzuki 350 Emblem
SS13 Add to Cart $69.99

for 1970-72 T350


Suzuki 305 Emblem
SS32 Add to Cart $69.99
for 1968-69 T305 Raider


Suzuki 250 Emblem
SS41 Add to Cart $69.99
for 1971-72 TS250 R/J


Suzuki 250 Emblem
SS29 Add to Cart $69.99
for 1969 T250 Mk. 1


Suzuki 250 Emblem
SS14 Add to Cart $69.99
for 1970-72 T250 Mk.2, R/J


Suzuki GT250 Emblem
SS06 Add to Cart $69.99
for 1973-78 GT250 K/C


Suzuki GT185 Emblem
SS25 Add to Cart $69.99
for all models 1973-77 GT185 K/B


Suzuki GT125 Emblem
SS26 Add to Cart $69.99
for all models 1973-77 GT125 K/B


Suzuki GP125 Emblem
SS19 Add to Cart $69.99
for 1978-81 GP125


Suzuki GP100 Emblem
SS18 Add to Cart $69.99
for 1978 GP100 C


Suzuki Emblem
SS07 Add to Cart $69.99
for 1966-69 T series; T250, T305, T350,
T500, Mki/Mkii


Suzuki Emblem
SS24 Add to Cart $69.99
for several 1960's Suzuki script badge
K10, K11, M12, S32, T10


Suzuki Colleda Emblem
SS37 Add to Cart $69.99
1960-61 Colleda 250TA, 1960-61 Colleda
TAA, 1959-63 Colleda 125 SB, SL.


SUZUKI Gas Tank Emblems

Suzuki GT750 J/K Emblem
ST01 Add to Cart $69.99

1972-73 Suzuki GT750J & GT750K.


Suzuki GT750 Emblem
Add to Cart $69.99
1974 GT750L, RE5-M, RE5-A, RE5.


Suzuki GT750 Emblem
ST03 Add to Cart $69.99

1975 GT750 M. Chrome/Black.


Suzuki GT750/500 Emblem
ST04 Add to Cart $69.99
1976-77 GT750A, GT500A. Chrome/Black.


Suzuki Emblem
ST05 Add to Cart $69.99

1972-73 GT550, GT380, GT250, GT185,
GT125, A100. Chrome/Red/Black.


Suzuki Emblem
ST06 Add to Cart $69.99

1974 GT550, GT380, GT250, GT185,
GT125, A100. Silver/Black.


Suzuki Emblem
ST07 Add to Cart $69.99
for 1975 GT550, GT380, GT250, GT185,
GT125, A100. Chrome/Black.


Suzuki Emblem
ST08 Add to Cart $69.99
1976 GT550, GT380, GT250, GT185,
GT125, A100. Chrome/Black.


S Suzuki Emblem
ST09 Add to Cart $69.99
1967-68 T500 Mk.1 Cobra.
60mm diameter


S Suzuki Emblem
ST10G Add to Cart $69.99
for 1967-70 T500, T350, T250, T125,
Mk II, Mk III.


S Suzuki Emblem
ST10 Add to Cart $69.99

1970-74 Suzuki A50, AS50 etc., 
Suzuki R, J, K, L, 72-74 Suzuki J, K, L.


Suzuki Emblem ST11 Add to Cart $69.99
1971 T500R, T350, T250, 1971-72 TC120,
TM250, TM400, TS250, TS400. 181mm,


Suzuki Emblem ST12 Add to Cart $69.99
for 1972 T500, T350, T250, J & TM models.


Suzuki Emblem ST13 Add to Cart $69.99
1973-74 T500 K& L models.


Suzuki Emblem ST14 Add to Cart $69.99
for 1975 T500 M. 181mm, Chrome/Black.


Suzuki Emblem ST15 Add to Cart $69.99
for 1976-77 Suzuki Emblem GS400, GS550,
GS750 & B models. Chrome/Black.


Suzuki Emblem Gold ST15G Add to Cart $69.99
for 1977-80 Suzuki Emblem GS400,
GS550, GS750, GS850, GS1000,
GS1100, C, D, E. Gold/Black.


Suzuki Tank Emblem ST24 $99.99
1973 TS/TC K, TS/TC 100, 125, 250, 400 K.
Chrome/Black/White, 170mm.


S Suzuki Emblem
ST17 Add to Cart $69.99
for 1966-68 T20, T200,
T250. 60mm,


S Suzuki Emblem
ST18 Add to Cart $99.99
67-68 T500 Mk I, Cobra.
60mm, Black/Gold plastic.


Suzuki GP100/125 Emblem
ST20 Add to Cart $69.99
1978-81 GP100, GP125, C, D, E.
Gold/Black NOS.


S Suzuki Emblem
ST21 Add to Cart $99.99
66-69 T20, T200, TS250,
A100, AS100, B100/P.
Black/Gold plastic, 50mm.
Exact replica of OEM badge.


S Suzuki Emblem
ST22 Add to Cart $99.99

1969 T305, T125
Black/Gold plastic, 55mm.
Exact replica of OEM badge.


S Suzuki Emblem
ST23 Add to Cart $99.99

1968-69 K90, 10, 11, 10P,
11P, 15, 15P, A80, 90, S10,
32, M15P, 1965-69 B120.
42mm, Black/Gold plastic.


Key Rings

Suzuki Key Ring
SK01 Add to Cart $19.99


Suzuki Key Ring
SK02 Add to Cart $19.99

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